If you or your business have a backyard, rooftop, or a community space - you can grow grapes!

What You Get:

  • 1 year of free consultation for each year the grower pledges to donate fruit

  • 4 cubic feet of proprietary soil blend for the planter kit

  • A French American hybrid grape vine

  • 40% discount at Rooftop Red's viticulture classes

  • Free home delivery installment

  • Assistance with moving after installment (service fee applies)

Optimal Conditions for growing a grape vine:

  • High sunlight outside area (7-12 hours of sunlight a day). Examples would be a balcony, roof, or backyard garden

  • Watering every three to four days (except when it rains)

The planter kits are designed after urban growing systems invented by the owner of Rooftop Reds and founder of Village Vines, Devin Shomaker. The kits come with the same proprietary soil blend that Devin designed and researched for years before implementing at Rooftop Reds. The soil is balanced with the correct pH, macro and micro nutrients for urban vines to thrive.

Growers in our Adopt-a-Vine program are also able to direct where a portion of the eventual proceeds are invested back into their communities. Learn more about our Grower Give-Back program.

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