Grow to give


Our Mission

Village Vines is a non-profit with a goal of expanding sustainable urban agriculture in New York City and providing a new source of funding to benefit local communities by doing what we do best—growing grapes and making wine.

We create a truly local wine using only community-grown fruit from New York City residents. Once the wine is produced and sold, we donate the proceeds to nonprofits that work within these grape-growing communities. These producing enclaves -- which could be any neighborhood in New York City -- will thus benefit twice; through greener urban space and by the increased efforts of proven organizations that are already on the ground. Learn more.


Get Involved

Our mission at Village Vines is to unite small-scale urban agriculture with community service. We’re achieving this by building a citywide network of backyard growers to create a uniquely hyper-local wine.



Interested in growing your own grape vine? Individuals and businesses based in New York City can receive and tend to their own grape vine though our Adopt-a-Vine program. Once these vines bear fruit, growers can donate their grapes to that year’s Village Wine. Learn more about our Adopt-a-Vine program.

heritage vines

Village Vines is seeking out individuals and businesses with existing grape vines growing on their property, a term we have coined as "heritage vines". In exchange for fruit off of these vines, Village Vines will help these growers prune and balance their heritage vines to increase both fruit production and grape quality. Learn more about our Heritage Vine program.


Our Impact

Village Vines allots net proceeds raised from the sale of our Village Wine to each grower in our program. Growers then direct Village Vines to donate these funds to nonprofits chosen from the following list of organizations that Village Vines has partnered with:

Home Winemaking Classes (ask thomas for images from VV harvest).jpg


  • Green City Force

  • GroundSwell

  • Drive Change

  • Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

  • Partnership For the Homeless

  • Emma’s Torch

  • City Growers