Our Vision

Village Vines was established in 2018 to inspire and facilitate urban agricultural development in New York City communities. Proceeds from Village Vines’ harvests directly support local non-profits that are already addressing issues of inequality.  

Village Vines consists of a tight-knit group of four employees. Our first action -- an ongoing effort -- was to locate existing grape vines growing “wild” in the backyards of private residences, apartments, and businesses across the city. Many of these vines date back several generations to when they were first planted by immigrant populations. By locating, caring for, and harvesting these vines, Village Vines encourages a wine production that embodies the definition of local and sustainable. These wild harvests will be combined with fruit from new, custom micro vineyards established by Village Vines across the city. The result will be an annual and hyper-local wine using only community-grown fruit.

Sales of this “Village Wine”, along with proceeds from unique events built around this exciting production, will be donated to local nonprofits. These recipients will be carefully chosen based on size, fiscal efficacy, mission and overall positive impact within communities. Learn more about our Grow-to-Give program.